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Art Projects

Make your own art inspired by the artworks in this exhibition!

Print an imaginary tree

Collect leaves and plant material from your natural environment, then use these objects to print your own imaginary tree.

Follow these directions for materials and instructions!

Green leafy tree with small animals on ground

Courtesy of the artist and Instituto de Visión

Crocheted grey coral reefs

Copyright Artist, Courtesy of Sapar Contemporary and Artist

Drawing Coral Reefs

After viewing Mulyana's Candramawa 6, take some time to learn about coral reefs and the impact of the climate crisis on their survival, either using online resources or books from your local library. Then, using reference images of coral reefs, draw them in a style of your choice. Think about including different types of coral, plants, fish, and other marine life in your drawings.

Materials needed: Reference image of coral reefs, your choice of drawing media (e.g. colored pencils, crayons, markers), paper

Animal Drawings and Photography

Like Paulo Nazareth did in his photo series KA'AGUY RUPIGUA [bichos do mato], draw at least 5 different animals on different pieces of paper. Next, look up the names for those animals in a language that you do not know, and write those names below your drawings. Finally, hold those drawings in front of your face and take pictures of yourself.


Project extension: Research the Indigenous community or communities whose land you are on, and learn the names of the animals in their language!

Materials needed: One sheet of paper for every animal you draw, drawing utensil, camera, translator

Photo series of people holding papers with animal drawings

Courtesy of the Artist and Mendes Wood DM São Paulo, Brussels, New York / Copyright of the Artist

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