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Are You an ExhibiTION Expert?

Using the pages on this website, complete the scavenger hunt below.  Once you are done, you can check your answers here!


Water hauling truck

Find the artwork with this truck in it. What type of business does this truck belong to?

Image credit: Aboriginal artist Frederick McDonald


TR 10341_edited.jpg

One artwork has this pattern repeated on it several times. What is the title of this artwork? How many times do you see this orange square with a black 'x'?

Copyright Artist, Courtesy of Sapar Contemporary and Artist


Detail from Tjampitjinpa painting

Many of the artworks in this exhibition have details with the color red. How many artworks with red can you find?

© the artist licensed by Aboriginal Artists Agency Ltd


Polar bear taxidermy

This giant polar bear sits in the middle of the gallery at the Johnson Museum. Which artist made this artwork? Where are they from?

Bonus: Think about your favorite animal, and make your own artwork (drawing, sculpture, etc. - be creative!) with that animal in it.

Courtesy the artist and Peter Blum Gallery, New York


Tree trunk surrounded by several animals

Different animals can have significant meanings to various cultures. In this painting by Abel Rodríguez, what two animals are sitting directly below the tree trunk?

Courtesy of the artist and Instituto de Visión


Ecological calendar

This is called an ecological calendar. Which two regions of the world are the ecological calendars that are on this website from? Where can you see these calendars in person?

Prepared by Anna Ullmann


White Relief of continents

The artists in this exhibit come from all over the world and share their different perspectives and experiences with the climate crisis. Which artist was born in Beirut, Lebanon? Who lives and works in Indonesia? Which artist lives closest to you?

© Mona Hatoum. Courtesy Alexander and Bonin, New York

(photo: Joerg Lohse)

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