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Terms and Conditions

Unless otherwise noted, all graphics and text on this installation are Copyright © 2021, Cornell University. All rights reserved. The materials included within this site are intended for educational uses only.

None of the promotional and/or archival images contained herein may be reproduced in any form or media, in their original or altered form, without the express written consent of all respective artists, photographers, donors, and reproduction rights holders. The images are displayed for the express purposes of extending the Museum's educational capacity beyond the building walls, and to make available to a wider audience exhibitions that are on display at the Museum for a limited time. For more information, email museum_at_cornell-dot-edu

All text contained herein is also copyrighted and may not be reproduced without the express written consent of the Museum and any respective authors, whether indicated or not. Museums, artists, or researchers interested in using any of the text contained herein for educational or research purposes should please contact us to inform us of your plans and any assistance we can provide.

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